Am I dumb for not giving up on this relationship? Is a relationship with no title worth it?

Me & my ex dated for 2 years. We got along well, we would have fights here & there but always put a effort to make things right & be mature about it. He's basically my best friend I always have fun with him & we can be ourselves around each other. 3 months ago he broke up with me because he wanted to concentrate on getting his life together. Saving up money to move out & not having to struggle. He felt like he wasn't putting me first since he was concentrating on himself. He didn't want to hurt me so he decided to break up with me. He said I always wanted to see him & be with him & when that wouldn't happen I would get mad & get in a fight with because of that. Since than his told me he doesn't want a relationship with nobody. He always reassure me that there is no other girl. We have kept in contact I even go out with his family & I go on vacation with him & we hang out & talk about what's going on with me & how I feel. He tells me he loves me & that he wants to be in a relationship but later on. He gets jealous because I go out & I talk to my guy coworkers. He goes out & has fun same as me. We both do things that gets us mad but don't say anything because we dont want to look like we care. He tells me he doesn't want me to fall in love with someone else. & that it hurts him that I talk to other guys. He tells me I should never question the love he has for me because I should know how much he loves me. His a really hard headed guy & he has a lot of pride. We both aren't picture perfect but we have come a long way. I truly honestly love him. He tells me that if the love is there than there is no reason to be in relationship at least not for now. He says to go with the flow & to stop forcing it & to let time do its thing. When im with him I feel safe & happy. Everybody tells if he truly loved me he would be with me but he tells me we don't need the title that he loves me but he just wants to focus on himself.


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  • If you love someone, you make time for them. If he doesn't then you're free to find someone who is available, without obligation to him.

    • I tell him that but he tells me that we still are young & that people in our generation are always looking to be in a relationship. He says that if the love is there than go with the flow that when his ready to be in a relationship again he will let me know.

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  • He is so right. He should focus on himself.

    • and you should focus on yourself :)

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    • Going with the flow is not waiting on anybody silly ;) He is focusing on him and you should just go with the flow and focus on yourself or any other Man you might find entertaining. That old guy is not even an option at this point. DO YOU.

    • I don't really want to talk to another guy at least not yet. I'm still head over heels for this kid & I have a lot of hope. I don't know how to really move on. Honestly I don't want to move on.

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  • Wait? So you guys are still vacationing and hanging, but not official?

  • It's not worth it.


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