Girls, What to do when ex shows interest?

I just need some basic advise here...
I have been in NC with my ex, after the break up that happend 10 months ago. I have done all the self improvement, putting focus back on myself and I am happy with my life and doing great.

Recently my ex has reached out. We have been texting back and forth. She replies fast and with long texts every time. She send me a new freind request on FB, is using kissing simleys in her texts and she even asked me over a couple of times for coffee. So overall she is showing a lot of interrested in me.

I dont know much about this part of "getting an ex back".
How should I proceed? Hard to get? Cold/distant? Happy/friendly?

Any advice would be wonderfull


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  • Ok so personal experience, Us females can sense when you want us back so if you try to act cold and distant it just pisses us off. Because I am experiencing that rn I can tell my ex wants me back but he is being cold, which he doesn't need to be. If you want her back then do so but if you're happy with your life without her and it seems better I wouldn't get back with her. Don't go for a coffee just yet seem busy, then get in control by asking her out next after you decline her invitation. I don't know why you broke up in the first place but it should be on your terms, if you want to succeed. You don't want to jump to the occasion in glee as you will seem as if the heavens have shone upon you and answered your prayers. You want her to realize you moved on once and you can move on again, make her work for it and make her realize you haven't been sat around waiting for this interaction.


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  • Be happy and friendly. Since she is putting in some effort I don't feel it's fair to be cold to her. It might blow up in your face... be natural let the conversations flow and who knows? You might rekindle what you once had😊

  • If you want to win her back then be friendly and keep doing what your doing, because if you act cold or distant towards her that will push her away and make her think you're not interested in her.


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