Why is my ex reaching out? What is his angle?

This weekend was Digital Dreams. It got cancelled on Day 1, however my ex reached out to me. We spoke that whole day and he flirted a bit with me, saying how I looked pretty but also was very concerned when I told him I was getting grabbed at by guys and such. The next day I mentioned again while at the festival I was getting grabbed at and like both of those days he was very concerned and also wanted me to text him when I made it home. Today we spoke a bit and again I am taking things for as they are. I have reached out to two mutual friends and they don't get it either and are actually surprised and they too don't get why he's doing this. I just am happy but also very nervous about him reaching out to me. He mentioned sometime next week how he'd want to go out with me so is this because of wanting to be friends? Wanting to start a clean slate with our relationship? I just never had an ex come back to me like this (some have but I always denied them and this time it's different for me). I am thinking of just keeping positive and going with the flow. Unsure of what his angle is because he does seem caring and genuine, also his birthday is coming up next week...
Do you think he wants to be back with me? Do guys usually do this with some of their ex's?


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  • Without knowing the circumstances that made him an ex to begin with it's a difficult one to weight in on. From what you mentioned he sounds interested and that he still cares for you. Sadly I don't have a good track record with getting back with any ex's; it's usually only a matter of time before the reason you broke up in the first place resurfaces and it's all downhill from there.

    But hey maybe he's a good dude and deserves second chance. You only live once; take it slow and if it works it works, otherwise there's plenty of alternatives out there.

    • He let me go because he had to focus on himself, he thought letting me go is the right thing to do. However I don't know right now...

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  • He's being caring.


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