Do you think I was too harsh in my breakup?

This is what I said;

I don't think we should carry on anymore. I mean, it's impossible to do. I'm never going to be able to go out and see you, our religious views are going to clash incredibly badly and it's just never going to work. I'm not going to guilt you into being friends, it's your choice but I think we should finish this. I'm sorry but I can't do it anymore.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think you're being harsh at all. You're realistic and logical, merely pointing out that your views are too different. If you were harsh, you'd be way more antagonizing. Really, the people who see that as harsh are just too sensitive. It's a break up, not a love poem. There's no point in trying to sugar coat it by giving flimsy and nonsensical reasons. Beating around the bush is never a good idea when it comes to breaking up, it'll only leave the other person confused and wondering. And that's never a good thing. That will only make it harder for them to move on. Don't give them any room for thinking that they'll be able to persuade you into taking you back - the more flimsy your reasons are, the more likely they think you're not being entirely serious.
    So, you got straight to the point, you were logical, realistic and firm in your beliefs. That's how a breakup should be. You're ending a relationship. There's no way you can go about it without hurting the other person unless they feel the same way. If you're too vague, they won't understand why you're breaking up with them and they'll think you don't have a real reason. If you're too mean (which you weren't), they'll think you're cold-hearted and that there's something wrong with you. But if you're logical and realistic, they will most likely understand you and accept it, despite feeling hurt.


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What Guys Said 3

  • kinda harsh, but i guess it's not bad either... u were str8-forward :)

    • He seems really crushed

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    • guess u can't help it then i'm afraid... it's up 2 him to change his mind :(

    • Yeah oh well :)

  • I don't think there is a better way you couldve done it. You gave him legitimate reasons, you avoided unnecessary rudeness, and you handled it maturely.

  • Too much extra fat for my taste

    But it gets the point across. Not harsh at all

    But it's a breakup, just about anything you say will seem harsh


What Girls Said 3

  • It was Honestly a bit too Harsh here, dear, and I wish you had come to One of us before you made the move.
    He is most likely hurt and with this, I think I would tell him now, somehow, that you were a bit 'Harsh' and I am sorry if I seemed mean and hope we can be friends.
    Good luck. xx

    • The thing is I don't know if I want to be friends. It's going to be awkward with the emotions there. I don't know if I can do that.

    • Okay, then breaking it off with a clean break and a fresh slate, however, in the future, you can be more diplomatic, unless it is a Bad break up in which he treated you badly. xxoo

  • currently im also facing the same situation . The difference in our relegious beleifs are really going to torn us apart. It Really hurts.
    by the way what's your relegion?

  • A little bit.


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