How to break up with one of these girls without breaking her heart?

I'm dating these 2 girls and can't countinue this anymore. Its time to choose between them but the problem is I love them both and don't want to break their hearts. have no idea how to choose one of them and how to breakup with the other one. And already know its wrong to date 2 girls at a time but it happened and can't change it now.


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  • Are you dating or did you give them the idea that it was a monogamous relationship? There are people who date more then one person until they make a decision on who they want to start a monogamous relationship with. You should have been upfront that you were dating more then one person.

    Just tell the one who you decide not to be with that you do adore her but you can't see the relationship going any further. There is no short cut or easy way to not breaking someones heart when breaking up with them.

    • I did a mistake by dating both of them at a time, they are from my English class and didn't tell them that there is something with other one too. Just asked them to keep out relationship private for a while and don't know what to do right now!!

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    • But you want to make a decision now, right? Make a list of the pro's and con's of both and weigh them against your list of what you're looking for in your future wife. I can't offer any other type of information in regards on how to hand breaking up with one with the truth coming out. Personally I don't think you should wait until the end of summer since that will make things worse. If it was just another week I would say wait but you gotta get the ball rolling on this.

    • handle* & without*

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  • you just have to do it. if they get hurt they get hurt but there is no science to a break up. you just do it as kindly and sensitively as possible. be honest. be forthright. but be firm. they may be hurt or they may not but you can't control that.

    • You are right but there is another problem and that is I didn't decide between them yet. Have no idea what should I do.

    • well that's the first decision. you need to decide who you like more and envision a future with

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  • Which one is hotter. Date the best looking one and dump the other one.

    • I want a future with one of them cause I'm ready to settle down by the way both of them are pretty girls.

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    • I don't now maybe both of them.

    • So neither won really has an edge over the other, flip a coin jk lol.

  • Do what I do, fake your own death.

    • Its impossible they both know where I live and work.

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