His Divorce , My surprise : How to deal?

I have been seeing this guy for about 5 months, everything was great (honestly feel like he is the One) it was right before we were supposed to meet my parents and he drops a bomb on me. He tells me he is in the process of getting a divorce and he would've told me earlier but he didn't want to scare me off ( which it would have). So I try to be extremely understanding I have given this man what feels like my all and don't want to throw away everything so quickly. I don't think I'm a secret except to his family, I have met some of his friends and apparently he talks about me at work. Things have changed for me though, because she still has her stuff there and he still pays for her car (she doesn't sleep there but does come by during the day I think) i feel gross being in that house , I find her hairs and I feel out of place. I can't sleep because that's the same bed they used to share. I don't know if I'm being selfish, or should tell him how I feel (he doesn't like talking about it). I'm worried that I can't work passed this myself , and really need advice thanks!


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  • He's getting a divorce so he's committed to you. Tell him about the bed and make him get another or at least a new mattress. To throw your investment away would be silly I think. Talk to each other and work out the details but I would think that staying is you best bet

    • Thanks I'm not sure if it's because this is what I wanted to hear , but this is very helpful, we are gonna get new sheets for a start I don't want to make him buy a new bed right now. But one of my friends said that maybe he wants more in our relationship and that's why he told me about the divorce now and is making progress on that and changing the house. It just scared me because I want him more than anything but he did tell me once ( before all this) that I dont have to worry about losing him, so maybe I should just trust him.

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    • Thanks yeah I think new stuff is in order so I can feel comfortable and he can get a new start.

    • best of luck babes have a wonderful new life XXXXXX

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  • Well, I dont think I would be able to forgive his lie (lie of omission... still a lie) but at least he didn't surprise you with a wife... well not really a wife... I guess he had one but is leaving her...
    You are right. He has a lot of explaining to do!


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