Girls, will ex girlfriend come back? Can I get her back?

Hi all, so my ex and i have been together for quite some time. Were togethr since 16 now she is 24. she left me at first stating she wants space to find herself. After a month of my endless attempts to get her back (calling, texts, slightly stalkish behavior etc..) she tells me she Fell out of love with me. she claims she does not want a relationship and is not interested in another guy. But i found out she has been calling and texting someone else every chance she gets. She tells me he is jus an old friend, is jus catching up and would never see her "friend" in that way. fast foward a month an i found she has been sleeping with him. She denies an tries to hide it but i kno an she thinks i dont. If she is 100 over me, y won't she tell me da truth? She admitted to me she has been depressed over the breakup but also has been happy and sad too. basically her emotions r everywhere. She hasn't contacted to talk other than about our child but i think she is too prideful to initiate contact because she doesn't want to look stupid (prideful) after trying so hard to push me away. She has mention tho that she does not want me out of her life completely because i was her first realest and longest relationship ever. She has not felt this strongly about any other man before. Also during the initial break up i was unemployed for 3 years n she took care of me And she let it slipped that i was a burden to her. She claims im very sexy but i think shelost the attraction for me. in my opinion its jus a phase as she hasn't had freedom wit me. what do u girls think. will she come back? what do i do? Ik its long post but Thank u all for readin and ur help.


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  • I do not know. I'd move on tbh.

  • She will come back.

    • Can u please elaborate as i would like to kno more about a females mind. And also it doesn't seem like it cuz she doesn't even try to talk to me. She seems happy and perfectly fine without me. According to her social media

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