Ex-boyfriend is p*ssed at me for dating the "enemy"?

People involved:

Boyfriend 1: James

Boyfriend 2: Daniel

So I dated James on and off for about two years and a half and then I dated daniel about 2 years and a half as well. Both during different times. Daniel was super jealous towards James and I was never allowed to speak to him. And I brought luggage from james and my relationship. I wasn't the best girlfriend and we both made mistakes.

So he broke up with me and moved to a different state for another girl. I was left a mess and heartbroken. I eventually dated another guy and refused James offer at another go at it. Then when my relationship with this other guy failed I felt really bad but it helped me get over Daniel.

During the time I was building myself up again James and I were friends with benefits eventually I decided to cut him off and told him I was tired of guys wanting halfies with me and that we had to cut if off or we could give each other the label. So now he's my bf.

So we kept it from the world and Daniel came to visit and James wanted the causal sex we would usually have when he came to visit and I told him no and that I had a bf. I didn't tell him who it was because I knew he would be p*ssed.

*side not here, him and his girlfriend broke up*

So later on he texted me wanting to know who it was and I tried to find a way around it and I finally gave in due to some outside personal advantages he has. He called and to be honest...

He got p*ssed and to be blunt emotionally abused me for an hour and a half if not two. Yelling and lecturing about how I was dating the enemy and that I made a mistake and that I was stupid and how he was mad at me. And how I was a bad girlfriend and that I destroyed him and so the night went on. He also wouldn't let me defend myself and whenever I did he would get p*ssed and tell me that I had no right talking to him that way and that I better hold my tongue or else. So I had to take everything he had to say while I was bawling.

So... now he says that he's not gonna talk to me for two days and that I should be thankful that he's not making it forever.

So question is, what do I do with him now? I wish I could keep him as a friend but I don't want to give up the happiness I have found with James. Daniel left me for another girl but sometimes I just feel like he doesn't want me but he also wants to keep me for his own. I just don't want to be held responsible for trying to adjust myself to the situation he left me in and then be punished for trying to survive.


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  • your ex boyfriend is p*ssed? he's an ex isn't he? I say just forget him and enjoy what is in the present moment. he's obviously jealous

  • Don't let people control who you talk to or socialize with, if there that immature screw em


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