Why is this scenario so common with guys?

Guy and girl have been in long term relationship. Guy breaks up with girl because of arguing etc. Girl begs for guy to come back and tells guy that they can fix their problems if they BOTH want to work on them. Guy refuses to listen and gets with other girl. So, everything is find for a few months, but then the same arguements that were being had with girlfriend 1 are being had with girlfriend 2, all of a sudden light bulbs goes off in guys head.

I ask this question, because i am going through this after a long term relationship and I have a child by this man. I always told him that if he does not change he will have the same arguements, just with a different face. Now every time he sees me he acts angry and cold towards me. After being broken up with 2 times I ran back to him, but I had it this time. My ex was very needy so after he dumped me the final time I let him go. He then tried to start being nice to me, but I blew him off. So the relationship ended in Jan and he got married this June. Now every time I get my son back he mimicks the fights he hears at dad's house. Why do men have to learn the hard way? lol


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  • Because we're idiots. Seriously. We have pretty thick skulls. I know I'm guilty of this, but I've never done what your ex did. I'm still an idiot. I'll freely admit it. I've learned from my mistakes, though, and that comes sometimes, too. I keep the good and try to throw out the bad.

    • surely not all men can be this way. I just noticed this pattern with men I have dated and I had one man reconnect with me YEARS later apologizing etc. Since you are a guy and you are older, why is it you would treat the woman you dumped like crap? After the first break up in May, he wanted to get back together in August and I was open to it. However I seen that he was STILL the same person. He was upset that I would not move back in with him. The moment I re-newed my lease is when he started acting distant. We have a child together and we cannot even communicate about him. He treats me like I did him wrong.

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    • I guess I am just confused as to why he treats me like I wronged him. In about April he was being nice towards me, but when he seen that being nice was not going to cut it is when he really started showing his butt. He is used to being able to skate in and out of my life and saying a little apology and things being ok.

    • That is kinda curious, I'll admit. He may be getting some external pressure from his wife and/or buddies about it that's impacting how he'd normally act. Or he's just one of those kinds of guys. :(

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