How could he say he loved me and that he would fight for me and then end things?

I met this guy in April and he asked me to hang out with him once because he wanted to get to know me better so I did but I told my mom that I was hanging out with my friends since I didn't think that me and this guy would get serious. I ended up really liking him and I found myself catching feelings for him which is not normal for me because I initially didn't want a relationship. We hung out a lot and for about two months I was able to keep him a secret from my mom until she found out that I wasn't a virgin anymore. She is very religious so she forbade me from seeing him again. I really liked him so I didn't want to stop seeing him. A few weeks later I snuck off to go see him behind my mom's back and she found out so she took my car keys away for the summer and only gave them back to me for work. He later sent my mom a text saying how he really cared about me and that he didn't want to lose me because he "loved" me and that he didn't want her to hate him. Also that I take away the pain in his life when he's with me. My mom thought the text was really nice and thought he was genine. A few days later she sat down and talked to me and said that I could see him because she could tell that we really liked each other but not until the end of the summer. She later called him and asked him to meet him so they could get to know each other which he agreed to doing when he didn't have to work. I had never told him that my mom didn't find out about him until after she found out we had sex so I decided to come clean about it and tell him. He was upset that I kept him a secret and didn't talk to me for a few days. I apologized to him and he said he loved me and he wasn't going anywhere. I asked him to hang out this week before I had work and he said that it wasn't going to work between us and he called me a liar because i never told him that my mom didn't know of him and he said my mom was being extra and he shouldn't have to beg her to see me when he did nothing wrong.


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  • How can I put this... young love... its fleeting. You're intense one day, its like you never existed the next. If a person really loves you, they may break up with you, but they tend to come back when they realize what they've been missing. If he's ditched you for good, I hate to say it, but it just wasn't meant to be. It sucks, but its a lesson many have learned.


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  • he was lying to you.


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