Why do exes change after a break up?

have you ever notice how the way your ex looks/acts different after breakup? i saw my ex couple days ago and i saw how he's all more buff and he change his style. he looks like a tool/douche and he acts like a bigger jerk now. when we first met/dated he was nice and dressed fine but he wasn't a tool/douch whatsoever. why do exes change the way they look or act? is he trying to get my attention or notice him? have you ever dealt with this problem before?


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  • Nah he's moved on, secondly why do you stay in touch with him?

    • I don't. just bumped into him since we live in the same neighborhood

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    • how can I be attached to him if I don't even talk/see him? right now im talking to someone but I really don't even like the guy. the new guy seems desperate and kind of reminds me of him

    • Dude chill honestly people are always wanting to be in relationships because insecurities but love isn't about feeling whole. It is about being happy before getting into a relationship take your time of course have fun. Perhaps travel; when you see the world all this crap about him liking you or not liking you will seem petty and not worth it. As for the attached part it is because your mind is on replay and you run thoughts through your head wondering what the relationship could have become what you could have done better. So my question of why bother dating right now? why not put that idea to rest and enjoy yourself a bit; in about a year if you do this you'll fully understand what I am saying but right now its pretty damn foreign. I bet everything is foreign to you right now.

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  • Change is as good as a holiday.
    After a break up, people usually re-invent themselves/self improve

  • My ex is similar, once her life got better she got better, One I thought We would get back together nope, chose childhood friend. Oh well.


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