Ex recently contact me after loosing weight?

Since I've been home from college for the summer I recently lost weight and my ex who doesn't speak to me saw me in a party and she kept trying to get my attention while her boyfriend was right there.. she's keeps saying that she misses me but she doesn't have feelings for me and that I deserve better than her.. my present girl friend comes into town next week and I'm afraid that my ex may say some thing to me and embarass me.. What should I do? Part of me wants my ex again but part of me doesn't as I'm with my new girl and things are ok for now... what's going on with my ex? Y does she seek my attention even when she has a boyfriend?


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  • Don't end up in What I always call a "Triangle Threesome" here, dear, where you are way at the tip, looking down, side to side, at The... Ex and her current cutie Or... Vice verse.
    You yourself are taken and before all the Weight loss, all the Fuss from this female from the past whom you have broken up with, life was peachy, not this big parade where Now, she is looking in your direction and finds You... Less of a clown because of Loosing Weight.
    Pass the "EX" on, you are just having a mental moment with her 'Trying to get my attention." You found out that the grass was not greener on That side of the fence, so don't cross any boundaries, do Not fix what doesn't need to be fixed And... Avoid her and her current cutie at... All Cost.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Simply.. your girlfriend deserves your time atm, she has done nothing wrong by you.
    Your ex brushed you off? She does not deserve your time, and you should make her work hard for it. Bad behavior does not deserve rewards..
    Seeing you again has probably raised her interest in you again, and has her curious to what's new about you.
    Also it plays with the ego, happens to us all


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  • Why did y'all break up? If you don't want to say, it is fine. I'm just wondering if she had an issue with your weight or something.

  • If your ex, of whom you speak, is telling you that you deserve better than her, she's probably right! You broke up for a reason, and sometimes time away makes people a bit squirrely and confused and forgetful of why you broke up in the first place. If you haven't been honest about your own girlfriend situation, she may have eyes on you thinking she can have her cake and eat it to, but if you are serious about your current girlfriend and have respect for her, you'll stay true to her, or be honest with the situation with your ex to her, or be honest with her, and break it off to be with someone who is already in a relationship and will probably end up breaking your heart or deciding she doesn't want to be with you since she already has her own boyfriend.


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