My ex and I broke up for minor reasons, he said he was 'confused'

so my ex and I broke up for minor reasons, he said he was 'confused' and wanted a break, I told him I didn't believe in breaks but I gave in anyways only to break up 3 days later. he then contacted me a week later with a friendly 'hi, how are you? hows everything by you?' sorta text. I replied in a friendly way and then proceeded to getting over him.

a week later I saw him around, and he made a point to make himself noticeable in my area but didn't come over to say hello, I was confused because we ended on good terms but thought nothing of it. a week later the same situation occurred, so I turned around, smiled at him said hello and had a short casual conversation with him.

later on in that week I saw he ws online so I IMed him, we then started talking, and he started asking me if I missed what we had, and then reminding me about different times that we had a good time together (what does this mean?) he told me that he still thinks about us all the time and wanted to know if I do too, he wouldn't give me a straight answer about weather or not he still liked me etc. we ended up talking for about an hour, and he said that he would love to go for a coffee one on one, when he comes back ( he went back home for a while) so I said ok but with no strings attached.

but now I don't understand because he never contacts me or initiates a conversation with me, but if I do, then he talks to me in a fun friendly way and calls me darling and sends me kisses.. what does he want? does he still like me or am I just an option instead of a priority, or is he just saying these things because he feels the need to analyze what happened.. I'm so confused, please help!


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  • you know, kind of sound like he's lonely. my best advice is ask him if he still wants to be with you. if he doesn't then move on. I have a feeling that he just want to have sex with you, then leave you hanging later. I know because I experience before and I'm a guy.

  • Ask yourself this: "What's more important? What he wants, or what I want?"

    Hopefully you put yourself first.

    And that means dating men who are interested in you, and I don't mean interested "part time while they date other women, or when they're not trying to have a break from you."

    My point is this: he's not that interested. If he was he would go well out of his way to spend time with you, etc. He wouldn't be requesting a "break." What he's doing now is feeling "dating withdraw" which is making him act needy when ever you contact him. Perhaps you're percieving this neediness as him wanting you back, but it's not. It's him not wanting to be lonely.

    Let him go, and meet someone else worth getting to know.

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( FULL of HATE and READY to DATE link )

    • That makes sense, but then why ignore me if he wants attention?

    • Oh, you didn't read my book IGNORE and SCORE?


      I'm telling you that he doesn't want your attention. He's just responding to it because it's there. Stop giving him attention like a needy puppy, and he'll go away. It's hard sometimes, because our emotions mess us up, but that's what being a powerful mature women is about. :D

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