Guys, HELP!!! I have a guy friend who is so close to me and not loving me like I love him?

OK this is really disappointing. This guy that is my "friend"... We started getting physical. I caught him looking at a picture of some fat tramp, called him a dick ask him what he was doing? Said a friend was sending him a picture. What kind of girl is sending you a picture like what I saw. Then I continued to tell him how I felt about him. He said he didn't feel that way about me. And he has a lot of stuff going on on his life right now. Now a lot of times when we have a conversation its either OK, or he seems distant, cold, no tone to his voice, just lost. I feel this way now too because it just seemed so right to me. We seemed to go good together. I just can't tell if that's why he's acting like this too? Or if it's because I disappointed him with the information and he feels uncomfortable? We've known each other for a couple years and can't just avoid one another, we work together, and I care a lot about him and his happiness. But I just really pisses me off that he could have someone that would treat him so good, I'm not bragging, but I am really good to my friends. Aside from calling someone a fat tramp. And she was really ugly and dirty looking I mean dirty dirty. I'm not trying to be mean but I always get compliments about being a good looking girl. I swear I'm a really sweet person, just with something like this I really upsets me. We've been near one another for a lot I just don't see how he couldn't feel that way about me after having relations together for months?


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  • Ouch. That hurts. Unfortunately, it sounds like he doesn't know what he wants atm. But guys are funny that way; some have very, very strange tastes. He could be one of them. Aside from the time things started to get physical, has he ever shown any other signs that he does like you like that? For example, asked you on a date, bought you presents, etc?

    • Thanks... Well we have talked about the situation. And he said he can't do any of that stuff at the moment. Like dates or buying things. So I always tried to give him things that didn't cost money. Like I would bring cupcakes, etc. He does have a bad money situation, but I don't care about that, and have said that I don't. I didn't need a man's money I got my own. So he's in deeper than a fuck buddy and he knows it. I have offered to just spend time together the week before the picture situation. I really think that's why he did that, bit swears it was a moment of weakness.. And said as long as I have known him has he ever seen him do anything like that... And well no I haven't. But still think I was a way to get out and try to avoid a really adult conversation.

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    • Thank you, thank you. Your theory confirmed my thoughts. I kinda felt he was like that, but just thought it was me.

    • No problem at all. If you ever need me again, I'll be around. :)

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