I found out he's been cheating.

okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months now and I found out he's been cheating on me this whole time and I even no the girl what should I do


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  • If you "believe" he is cheating - it could be a misunderstanding; however, trust your gut and dump him anyway.

    Otherwise in which way was he "Cheating"? If you know the facts completely and are willing to push him away, dump him. If you don't know the facts and are only assuming - I would recommend you speak more about the situation as it's very vague.

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    • Thanks I needed that we broke up

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    • Which shows you are willing to learn and make mistakes to improve. It hurts, I know... I've even been there; however, take these moments to improve your own perception of life. This jackass used you, so the last thing to do - would be go back to him (aka never in eternity).

      Find someone who treats you how you would like to be treated and give it a shot - even if you get shut down, keep finding and meeting people until you are truly happy. If it happens again, keep trying.

    • Keep pushing to be who you can be - don't let this punk make you feel anything, he isn't worth the effort. Just pay it forward and give people the benefit of the doubt. Let them know that you didn't like what they had to say very intently "Geez aren't you making the biggest ass of yourself" <-- tell any men that use you, that specific line.

      =) If you need anything else, let me know - I'm all ears and willing to talk with you

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  • Confront his cheating ass and dump him and confront that trifling heffa and tell her off!

  • easy,

    slap him and walk away from the relationship.

  • Well that's obvisous ditch the guy! no one deserves that, that's a major lack of respect and he obviously doesn't care for you enough...and if those girls are your friends then they aren't really your friends are they...

    • I disagree that "no one" deserves that - some individuals in this world deserve worse; however, our morale prevents us from doing that to people.

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