Why hasn't my ex given me my stuff back?

My ex broke up with me two weeks ago, he said he hasn't been a good boyfriend recently and felt I was unhappy in turn making him unhappy in the relationship. So he needed to sort his head out and do his own thing. He's undoubtey in a bad place due to recent loss within his family.

We left on good terms and said goodbye both crying. We haven't spoken since.. He hasn't asked me to come and collect my clothes and Jewelry etc, and didn't bring them when we met to say goodbye?

should I text him? Or stay in no contact.

We we also just booked a holiday together two weeks before this happened which he hasn't mentioned.


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  • You need to ask him or call round for it. Its your stuff. Also cancel the holiday and get a refund.

    • Why would he drag this out if he didn't want to be with me?

      I can't cancel the holiday without having to pay 40% of the cost. :/

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    • Thank you for your advice.. I think I'll take a friend on holiday and leave it a little longer before contacting him.

      It's just so confusing to me as three days before we stayed up all night talking about about our feelings and our plans. :|

    • Maybe he got cold feet after the talk but that shows he isn't as ready or as committed as you were.
      Enjoy the holiday take it as time out to relax and think of where u go from here. Good luck x

What Girls Said 1

  • I just did't want to go get mine at first. He didn't push it. now he is prying fr answers.
    call him, that's al you can do


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