What do you reckon is the worst thing about your break up?

for me, the worst thing is that there's no one in my life now who calls me "baby" and there is no one whom I could call "sweet chums"..
  • No one gives a shit about me now
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  • There's no one to care about
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  • She/he is in front of my eyes all day but we could never talk to each other
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  • She/he literally asked me to fuck off
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  • All my dreams and plans are now nothing but a sheer waste of time
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  • I couldn't concentrate on anything except him/her
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  • That feeling that " we are never ever ever gettin back together " is killing me from inside
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I still have a husband out in Egypt and with me not have gone back over to see him or be with him or even make up my mind to live with him, we Break up and Make up all of the time.
    However, it's his Ramadan time and before this, having just moved back to PA, I think, for in PA is where he First found me 4 years ago on FB, is Where he thought we could begin our beguine again, and that everything would be good again where I would end up hopping once more on a plane and jetting off to be with him.
    I keep avoiding talking to him now. There are things I personally cannot get past. I also Feel the Middle East is so bad now and just getting worse with ISIS everywhere. I even had a dream that I truly believe God gave to me, and it was a warning that caused me to awaken And... Wake up to.
    There are moments, especially at night, that i get some anxiety because I am Missing the Kissing but try to be strong.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • a mixture for me really: there's noone to put my effort and love into anymore and i just feel useless.
    i want to talk to her but i can't because it'll be awkward and i know what she's like, she'd just pretend like it never happened while i'm there just wanting to kiss her.
    i planned out my life with her


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What Girls Said 3

  • I have to fight the urge to contact him and list the reasons why I started to dislike him.

  • I have to do the cat litter tray myself now

  • Im alone again. That's the worst feeling


What Guys Said 1

  • Making my own sandwiches.


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