What can I do? he's my ex's best friend!

recently have started talking to one of my ex's friends. I wasn't talking to him to spite my ex at all, I just generally started talking to him after he added me on Facebook. and we've kept that friendship going.

because to be honest even though I met him through my ex, I don't see why I should just stop talking to him because I'm not with my ex anymore. that's not fair in my book.

but anyway. we've started talking more, and I never realised how much in common we had! like wow! we also met up for a couple of drinks as I hadnt seen him ages. and we were the last people in the bar. the time just flew by!

and its odd anyway, as I'm a fairly shallow person (no point trying to deny it), and my ex's friend is really really not attractive, and (without being big headed) I am fairly attractive, like I've been scouted for modelling etc. YET I still really like talking to him. it practically brightens up my day.

and I think I'm starting to fall for him...

please give me advice on what to do next.



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  • if you feel like that about him, go for it. just because he's your ex's best friend doesn't really mean anything. you guys are broken up now. your fair game and so his your ex's friend. but you might wanna talk to this guy about how he feels about liking his best friends ex.

    • Thankyou for answering!

      but my ex is horrible to me. he still accuses me of being a slut and sleeping around (I am obv not btw!)

      and even though its been nearly 3 months since we broke up, he still has a problem with me. so I don't know how he would take it :(

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    • I doubt it. he's onto his second girlfriend since me....

      i've deleted my ex off everything now. he isn't worth my time. I tried to be friends and he blew that up in my face. so w.e.

      but with this new guy (his friend)...i don't want him to lose his best friend because of me. that's not fair. but also, I don't want my ex to ruin things for me.

    • I would have done the same thing.

      as for his friend, it depends on how much he likes you too, if he even likes you that is.

      just talk to this guy and see what he thinks about you and how he would feel about being with his friends ex.

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  • and that's probably why he friended you. he wants to go out with you possibly for the wrong reasons. it's up to you if you want to or not. no one can tell you whether or not you can go out with him because obviously no one here knows the guy personally

  • Ok look he's your friend now.

    Dont wory about ur ex .

    who cares about him.

    the point is that you like this guy.

    and hopefully this guy likes you back.

    dont worry if his not attractive what matters is that

    his a great guy think about it he nows you throw ur ex

    and he still added you on Facebook with out thinking about ur ex

    which means you mean

    something for this guy


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