What can I do? he's my ex's best friend!

recently have started talking to one of my ex's friends. I wasn't talking to him to spite my ex at all, I just generally started talking to him after he added me on Facebook. and we've kept that friendship going.

because to be honest even though I met him through my ex, I don't see why I should just stop talking to him because I'm not with my ex anymore. that's not fair in my book.

but anyway. we've started talking more, and I never realised how much in common we had! like wow! we also met up for a couple of drinks as I hadnt seen him ages. and we were the last people in the bar. the time just flew by!

and its odd anyway, as I'm a fairly shallow person (no point trying to deny it), and my ex's friend is really really not attractive, and (without being big headed) I am fairly attractive, like I've been scouted for modelling etc. YET I still really like talking to him. it practically brightens up my day.

and I think I'm starting to fall for him...

please give me advice on what to do next.

What can I do? he's my ex's best friend!
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