If ex bf/gf wanted to just be friends would they call every week?

Say if their the one who ended the relationship but still continue to call you every week.


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  • That seems to be a bit much, in my opinion, but maybe they feel guilty about breaking things off and are trying to show they are genuinely interested in being friends.

    The problem with that, for me, is when I've recently broken up with someone and am on the receiving end, I need time away from them to process everything, get over being dumped and to ultimately move on.

    Then, after my emotions have subsided and I can think of them or be around them without any animosity or intense feelings of attraction, then sure, by all means, let's be friends. But, honestly, it's best to just move on and for that person to do the same, along with allowing you to move on as well.


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  • Do u call other friends weekly? If your friends now then is a call a week too much?

  • Friends call each other often don't they. I guess it depends on what time he calls you, and what it is that you talk about

  • I don't think they know what they want.

  • Yes. Calling you very often doesn't mean they want to be more than just friends.

  • No, they is way too frequent for "just friends." He wants to get back in.


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  • If an "EX" is pushing a button on his end 'Every week,' it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to be Hooked at the hip again. It could possibly mean, with Missing the Kissing and some history you both shared, that he may Want... Friends with benefits.
    Good luck. xx

  • It could be he is keeping you on stand by mode.
    It could also be he is unsure of the decision he made. Hence he also cares for you but is commitment phobic.
    On the basis of what he says can you decide is it genuine or u as an option.
    You want to test him avoid him for a week u will see what is the real reason

    • When he called me this week I didn't answer and he called 10 times and texted me "are u mad at me" and "please call me I need u" so I called him back.

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    • Almost 5 months and he still calls me every week and we talk for 2 hours

    • He is unsure about letting you go.
      He yet has it for you
      See you can do one thing
      That way u will b clear about ur situation
      Tell him either its a break up and never do we talk or if it is then we gotta sit and work out on our relationship
      And that time you tell him all that u want from him
      You have to be strong enough to convince yourself for the worst
      If things are good its the best but if not don't worry u will work out something better in life