Guys, Is this pointless or am I maybe winning him back?

My very sensitive ex boyfriend of 3 years has after a month of minimal contact agreed that we can meet up and have a trial relationship. However, this is only because we had a pregnancy scare as we broke up and so he reluctantly has agreed to do this. From his actions and words I know that he loved our friendship but he felt the emotional connection was not there and he felt very hurt by some of my actions. We sat down and talked these through and agreed to some boundaries as we take things very slow. This includes no sexual contact, meeting up once a week and giving each other space. We met up today and it was nice, we had some good conversations with laughs. However, when he first arrived I had my diary out on the table and when I arrived back from the rest room he was sat reading it. He didn't mention or show any emotion towards what was written in it but I had only been nice about him so it was ok. He had to run an errand so while he did I thought I would finally go and get a piercing I had always wanted to get. He arrived back and was surprised I had gone through with it. We then went to his flat and switched on a movie. His flat mate came back and he told me to hide. But then he decided against it and the three of us had a good laugh together. Then he said maybe I should leave and so we went to the door and he hugged me, like we used to hug, twice. He said we can continue to meet up like this each week and also agreed to plans for seeing a show months from now. However, he said that holding hands, kissing etc, he doesn't feel comfortable with at the moment and would rather we spoke about that in a months time. Am I being played here?


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  • not at all... first of all u said he's sensitive which makes sense somehow if u think bout it... he just dosn't feel ready yet, but up till now u have gr8 signs it seems

    • I maybe screwed things up... tell me what you think. I texted him to say that I was worried that he is unhappy because initially he did not want to try and make us work. So I said that if this is the case he can do what he needs to do and I will understand. I then ended it by saying would he prefer to move on and have me out of his life and he replied: no I think I am still up for trying!

    • no u didn't do anything wrong and he was clear it seems... seems like he needs some time 2 figure out things first!

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