How can I get over him?

Well i just got out of a bad break up of mixed emotions and crying. He broke up with me 2 days ago saying that needed space but then told me that he still misses me and that he wanted to be together still. I was all for it to try and patch things up but i had a feeling that he was talking to another girl, and he admitted. He even told me that he kind of liked her, and for me that hurted. He said he wanted both of us but i told him that if he wanted us to happen then.. he would have to stop talking to her. He didn't want to do that but at the same time he told me that he loves me. How is that love? :/ i tried calling him a few times to talk to him but never answers. How is it that he wants to take a break and wants to be free but then after that he's so quick to be in a relationship? I still miss him and at least want to be friends and work our way up. It hurts to see him with another girl and im trying to get over him but nothing is helping.. its such a shame that 2 1/2 years just gone to waste. What should I do?


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  • By distracting yourself by whatever means necessarily in order for forget about him and that includes hanging out with your friends more often, going to the gym and meeting new people, and trying new/old activities that you enjoy. In time you'll learn to forget about him and by distracting yourself, it'll get much easier


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in his own softie spot, there comes a time when down the line, He then Says... He still Misses me and that he wanted to be together still.
    It's quite obvious with the writing on the wall and all here, dear, that he wants his cake and Eat it... Two. He still feels comfy and cozy with you, still is Missing the Kissing, the '2 1/2 years' of History you both shared but doesn't want to be Committed at this time anyways.
    This is all new to him, he is like this bad boy in a candy store who is now looking and lurking and has found a new sweet treat. He is putting you on his pay no mind list because he doesn't want to have to answer to you or have you tell Him... He has been naughty.
    He is leaving you in his back pocket in case she doesn't pan out, this cookie. And I do not doubt that when he needs some lovin' care, he will Dare... To come back with his terrible tail between his legs.
    Focus on you and try to begin your own beguine of moving on. He is this fickle pickle who doesn't want to be tied down and although it seems he is in a 'So quick to be in a relationship,' one never knows what is going on with 'What relationship' behind closed doors.
    No, I would not call any relationship 'Just gone to waste' but an experience that you had the honor of being in because you found out you could Love.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i feel sad for you sweetie but it's time to Get over him. He's just trying to use you now He needs some space , ask yourself a question that why did he say that? seek a solution for it but how can you do that when he already broke up with you. isn't he is so impatient? when a guy says that he needs some space it means that he is not into you anymore, you have to accept the cold bitter truth that he doesn't loves you anymore truly. if there were some sort of mistakes you made that he is forced to say that he needs some space , don't keep on asking him, don't chase him and keep on calling him. He needed space? right? space means that he wants a break from talking to you and showing you his affection towards you, he will stop everything he used to do and will think deeply to make things clear. but it just doesn't means that he should break up with you. If there was a fight or something else you both should've made things clear and argue as an argument can clear lot of misunderstandings. but he broke up with you and says that he loves you still and misses u it means he made a stupid step of breaking up with you so quickily being emotional. i'm sure he regrets it. but starting to hangout with another girl and leaving you isn't a good sign.. seriously don't attend his calls if he ever calls.. ignore his calls, forget him try your best to and don't run after him again! he broke your heart and made u cry. remember never run back to what broke you.

  • Take this time to figure out what you want. I'm sure your thinking "I want him." But if you were so quickly replaced then you don't need a guy like him. Go shopping, get your hair done and do things for yourself to boost your confidence back up. Have time with your friends and family then get back out there and see what happens. Don't call or text him like you want to. Just let him go and worry about yourself. It's a crappy time but I promise you'll realize that when a man loves you the way you deserve , he won't just replace you on two days.


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