Why is he doing this? What does my ex want?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me well over 5 months ago yet he continually calls texts and messages me on fb all the time! He also acts strange when I mention another guy he gets upset and he says whatever and hangs up, and when he sees me talk to other guys on fb he openly admitted to getting jealous. Then the other day he called me and told me he still loves me and he wanted to marry me but the reason he broke up with me is because our lives won't connect we want different things. I still love him and he told me just last night " I'm your true love" and I asked why, and he said "because no matter who you meet they'll never love you as much as I do" he also keeps calling me beautiful and every couple days he reminds me he loves me. Why does he do this if he knows we can't be together? It's breaking my heart.


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  • Well you've kind of answered your question right there haha!
    As you've said, he still loves you and is not over you. You are obviously on a different page from your ex. You want to move on from him but he still mad about you, I mean he wants to marry for goodness sake!

    You're going to have to decide whether you end the relationship completely and try to get him on the same page as you or you can give the relationship another go. Relationships aren't easy and they need a lot of work.

    But if you're completely over him and you want nothing to do with him then put it to him and let him off gently. Being near him even as friends could cause trouble for the both of you.

    Anyway I hope this helped.

    • He doesn't want a relationship with me though that's why I'm lost. He keeps making it obvious he loves me yet doesn't do anything about it and he left me. FYI he also mentioned us having kids the other day what's he doing?😔

    • I would suggest asking him what he truly wants. No funny business. If he can't give you a straight answer then he's honestly not worth the trouble.
      If you don't want to be with him and if he's not going to treat you how to want to be treated then I say cutt him out of your life to be blunt.

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  • He is emotionally attached to you probably. . .


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