Girls you ever have to give up on a guy you truley loved?

Circumstances were terrible everyone said he was using you and you were too stupid to see it. He didn't show u compassion or little to anything but u knew he did love you deep inside. How did u act towards the end were you spiteful did u completely cut contact?


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  • Yes I have. One of the hardest lessons to learn is that sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes too much damage is done and there is no going back. We are taught to believe that love conquers all. It makes many of us stay longer than we should. While love can conquer anything, both people have to be equally ready to do the work involved to keep the relationship healthy.


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  • send me chat i got it a similar situation.. :)

  • Yes I have. I truly loved my last boyfriend but at the time he didn't know what he wanted. It was his last summer of college and he wanted to play around and have me wait for him. No matter how much I loved him though I was not willing to wait for any guy


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