Can she use his text messaging activity to prove cheating?

This man's wife is currently in the process of divorcing her husband and she wants to use adultry against him. He knows this but still chooses to commicate with the woman he is having an affair with even though it could put him at risk. He has however, changed how often he texts her. He doesn't text as often and not every day like he used to. He usually only texts her during the day and not at night. There is some sexting but its limited. I'm just wondering why you think he reduced his texting habits in the ways I explained ever since the divorce proceedings started? Why wouldn't he just text a lot more like he used to? The frequency isn't gonna matter he's still putting himself at risk.


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  • guess he believes reason she asked for a divorce was this... coz she thought he's clingy. that's y he texts less often now


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  • He is a dumbass
    He eventually is gonna pay a hefty amount for it


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