How to get through the first couple days breaking up with the first person you have ever loved?

How do you get through the part that hurts so bad that crying doesn't even feel like its enough. I just want to hurt myself or something cause I don't know what else will make it feel better. It hurts so bad cause it was so unexpected and I don't know what to do.

THank you everyone you have helped me out a lot and your making this hard time for me just a bit easier with you kind words.


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  • Here is my advice... I've helped a friend recently with her breakup... The things I've said, was to take time for yourself right now. Give yourself time to heal, and remember... if it was true love, then things will work out, and you'll get back together.

    Now sometimes it's always best to keep an open mind as well. If things don't work out, and things can't be resolved. It's not the end of the world. Sometimes things happen for a reason. It sucks, but that's how life is sometimes. You've just got to hold in there, and fight the pain with love. Have people around that you care about. Talk about how your feeling with others (as your doing here)...

    But ultimately pick your head up, wipe those tears away, and know that every second that passes is a new beginning. Know it's not your fault, but his... It's his loss that he doesn't understand how valuable your love is. Keep looking for that person, because I feel we all have the right person for us, but it's all about having faith that god (or higher power) has it's best intentions for us, even if it's not the ones we want.

    I hope and pray for your love to come back into your heart again... I don't know you, but I'm here if you need someone to talk to... Much Love

    • THanks you have made me relized how much love I have from others in my life and how thankful I should be for that. .. The worst part is I have a huge test tomorow and I need to get a good mark, study is hardly what I feel like doing right now.

    • I still don't know how to comment on

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  • Breaking up is hard, but you will find that as each day goes by you'll feel better ad better. Don't flood your mind with thoughts of the pain never going away and that you feel worthless and unloved. You have friends and family that still and always will love you! Go spend time with them and avoid talking about your ex unless you really feel it's neessary to vent those feelings more. Crying is a good thing. When I go through break ups I let out a few good cries so I can prove to my self that I'm still a person with feelings even if I'm not with that special person I want to be with. Keep telling yourself everyday that you are special and some day you will find another to love and be loved by and hopefully you don't have to go through another break up like this.

  • Sorry for my mistake on the comment you left me, and then I left another one that I was working on... Still new to the site... Anyway I was going to comment on the fact that it's apart of not forgetting who loves you, but also not forgetting to love yourself.

    Sometimes people can put there own selves down, because the person they really, and truly cared about, isn't in there lives anymore. And then the blaming comes in within our own selves. Just remember that it wasn't your fault, and maybe it wasn't his... It could be "just was" I guess where I'm going is... it's not time to blame, but to find that equal ground again, and that's what your doing right now... trying to find that equal part of who you once were, because you can't find yourself right now because of all the pain, and hurt.

    "One step at a time"


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  • i know exactly how you are feeling. music is defiantly one way to go. hold on to your best friends. if you are in too much pain right now to do anything,hold on to your friends. take a break from everything. give yourself time to let go. my advice is to hold tight and stay strong. believe me,it gets easier.


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