Why does he tell me he's not ignoring me but he hasn't been talking to me?

my now ex broke up with me through a breakup text. when i read it i was really confuse and kept reading it. he text me hey stranger im not ignoring you and he admited that he hasn't been talking to me and telling me i haven't been talking to him and tells me he needs to take care of his kids but i caught him with another girl and then i heard he's now getting back with his kids mom. before this i was upset and hurt the stuff he told me. i had a feeling he's trying to get rid of me. we still hung out and slept over his house as usual a week later but i was still upset and worry things will end with us. the following week after that he would text me first and i would reply back but he never reply back. we didn't see each other that whole week which is unusual for us. i was still mad a hurt what he said. why would he tell me he's not ignoring me when he hasn't been really talking to me? is he trying not to hurt my feelings even more when he broke up with me? why would he say that to me in the breakup text he sent me? did he broke up with me cuz of his kids or was it an excuse so i won't be hurt?


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  • I'm afraid there's no way for anyone else to know the answers to these questions. Only you and the young man can know.

    If he's still important to you, and if he's worth your time, then you need to sit down and talk with him. No more texting. Actual face-to-face communication.

    Based on what you wrote, though, he is not worth your time. His behavior does not sound either loving or respectful.

    Sounds stressful. I hope you can find a resolution that works for you. Good luck. :)

    • we haven't talked and seen each other since the breakup. he just ignores and avoids me and we live in the same neighborhood and street :( I was really confuse the things he said to me before the break up and the actually breakup message. the relationship seemed good and he was really into me. I thought he be different from the jerks I dated but guess not :(

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    • he told me when we first starting talking he didn't want to be friends he wanted more

    • Yeah. Don't even let him occupy your time anymore. :) Best to move on.

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  • Get over
    No point stressing


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