Is it possible to get back an ex who blocked you?

So basically me and my ex boyfriend have been dating for like 1yr and 3 months and he broke up with me 2 months ago. My ex boyfriend is a stubborn person so am I which made our relationship even more unrealistic. He used to complain a lot about me being truly rude to him sometimes and my rude behaviour and I actually didn't realise it until we broke up. I would always apologise for my rudeness if I hurt him in any way but he said that the problem is that all them rude words build up and eventually explode which hurts him extremely much. anyways the day he broke up with we were supposed to meet up but he couldn't make it bc of some reasons that he never told me. Since we were meeting at a very far place and he didn't show up, I just couldn't hold in my temper and wrote to him pretty hurtful words like: that I wouldn't see him ever again and blablabla. Without even a reply he just blocked me and few days after he blocked on every possible social media I had. I do understand that I was really rude and he is truly hurt but I'm also extremely sorry for my actions and temper, I just can't help it. And he won't even talk to me. It's been 3 months now since the break up, the first few weeks I was trying to explain myself and apologise for my mistakes but since he was completly ignoring me I just waited and prayed for him to come back. Is it possible for him to come back? What should I do? I really do love him, and I'm trying really hard to change for the better: to control my temper. I know that this is long, but I would really appreciate if you gave me your opinions. No hateful comments tho.. Thank you 😊


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  • Maybe. i blocked my ex. she cheated. she owed me money and the only reason i was " frendly " was to get it back but her new boyfriend got all pissy. she owed my dad 90$


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  • Yes, it Is... And No hateful comments, I am in asimilar scenario only More strange...
    I married a man out in Egypt and when I returned to the states, we carried on our Marriage online while he he was waiting for me to return to him... I have Not been out to be with him nor to live with him for 3 years now because the Middle East has gotten so bad with ISIS lurking out there and it has caused a lot of strife in our life.
    He is a strict Muslim man and this goes with being rude and crude with Any swearing or even Cheating, which he never used or Did to me. However, with Me sadly doing both, for not only have I used really rotten words to him when so angry, I cheated on him over those 3 years.
    We Break up and Make up all of the time but no Matter how may times he has 'Blocked me' from Google circles, he always ends up Unblocking me and somehow, even with Skype, where it has been the same case, we end up going back in the Spotlight with this as well.
    As far as FB goes, we don't have one another on this anymore, the Fairytale romance with just the two of us ended and he has his own friends now and being I Ruined this with a few choice words of my own on there, he has Blocked me for good on there.
    It's not to say that if he 'Unblocks' you that you will go back to the way we were. But being friends, if there are words and ways you can get past and can Change that can begin your beguine with at least being friends for now, then all I can say is you Need to prove yourself in a Big way.
    It works for some and other sit doesn't. With me.. I have a Big problem pattern in getting past a few things in the... Past. I have tried many time to change but does a zebra really change her stripes?
    Good luck, I feel you. xx


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  • What are you doing to sort out your anger issues?

    I highly doubt he will want to go out with you again.

    • At the moments I'm trying all kind of things which doesn't really help, but I'm trying to actually understand whatever someone says to me or writes to me from their perspective and try to controls my anger. If it is small things that's not worth fighting over then just hold (which is hard at first) , you will probably get something better in return😊

  • Work on urself
    When ur actions will prove u r a better person he is bound to come back
    Trust me

    • Thank you for your nice words 😊😊

    • May b he is giving you time to reform
      He may not say it but is waiting do u want to Change to b with him

    • Yes, I'm only changing for the better anyways. And controlling my temper could be a big help in my relationships for the future AND he's my first love πŸ˜† so I'm willing to change 😊

  • Why? Why? Why? Smh

    • What do you mean why? 😳

    • Why you want to get back? He blocked you isn't that enough? Have dignity and pride let go

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