Would you rather never hear from your ex again, or stay friends?

So, I had a guy friend who I dated for a few days before he broke it off... I want to stay friends, but I'm not sure about him. I asked him if he hated me or not, but he said that he was fine as long as I was okay.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Gah... Depends.
    One former ex I would literally be hit by a car than run into again. But my most recent ex I would like to stay friends with (as long as we can avoid the "oopse falling in love again" trap and the "oh weird now she's dating again and I suddenly dont know what to do with myself" dilema).

    • We're still on good terms. So that would be a "yes" to staying friends then?

    • Yes as long as you have the strength to resist if one day he wants to get back together, and you know noone's going to get hurt when you see other people.

Most Helpful Girl

  • if it ended on a good note then being a distant friend is cool but if it ended bad then why try to stay friends with them,


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  • Ex is an ex I'd stay away because there is no point unless they actually need help


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