Why ex girlfriend can't forget but dont want me?

I was the pretiest boyfriend she had, the one who make her feel special and with atitudes she can't forget ( i am a litle romantic), people tell me that she continue to like me, but her best friends dont want us together, i am a lot diferent from her group, i dont know what i can do, i was a jerk after the break up, really bad breakup, was me the one who break, but in the end i get ended as the dumpee... my words were a lot bad.
I got a bigger social life, and a really diferent friends from her, nobody likes her friends... I would love to forget her but i was taught since child, we dont trow things in trash if there is a chance we repair them or make them right.
When she see me her reactions are freezing, eyes are like almost crying, and then come her friends and make stupid actions like they are some kids with hormonal problems.
Yes i should do nothing and the best way is for her to come to me, but she will stay with her friends...
What can i do for not being so powerless, i dont want to fight like in the movies, i just want her to be alright, stable in life, social proud.
This is stupid because I dont have problems in finding other girl better looking, and smarter than her, but it just dont feel right...
what can i do... dont want a magic solution, just want a solution that is better for both...


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks her X in your own softie spot, @Fayth, there comes a time, sometimes down the love line When... Just want a solution for both.
    It seems to me there have been these monkey wrenches in your relationship, One of Being the Monkeys in the Middle, her 'Best friends.' She has chosen to be with them, and even after you split, you just threw more grease into the fiery fire by 'I was a jerk after the break up.
    Now you have a whole new groove going here, dear, where your buds 'Likes her friends.' So maybe you are doing a Catch 22 sticky 'Situation' where it is your turn to decide what the love potion Now should be with thee.
    You both need to get on the same page, this is just plain silly. Get her alone, keep all the buds and besties to the sidelines and you Both... Come to a Compromise or end up somehow just Being... One another's friends till the end with no help from the crowds in the bleak bleachers.
    Good luck. xx


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  • what are you doing? fight for her! friends shouldn't be the reason you two are not together. give her roses, say how you feel. you want this to work. what can i do to help. is she worth all the trouble?

  • You will have to be persistent
    You will be rejected many a times but brother if u want her you will have to work hard to get her
    You have to make her believe you
    Unless she doesn't nothing will work out
    And her frnds will try to make things difficult
    But u have to consistently make an attempt to jus talk to her casual stuff
    Like how r u
    How was ur day
    What plans for the week
    You know jus general stuff


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