Should I have said something?

Okay so my crush...

Well today I was in the restaurant on campus and he and his friends walked in. I got depressed because I was just having fluctuating emotions. Well, when I went to class the other class was still in so I stood in the hallway. I was thirty minutes early. He came in right behind me and we stood in the hallway face to face for five minutes and there was TONS of tension. I was twisting my hair around and I was sort of jittery. He kept pacing and exhaling heavily...and every few seconds we looked up at each other and noticed that we caught each others' eye and turned away.After about six minutes other people came though and we weren't alone anymore. So we go in class and when he presented I fell in love with the depth of his voice. So, when class was over we walked out and I held the door for him, because he's off crutches but still in a boot. He walked behind me for a bit, but I didn't want to look back so I slowed down. He walked beside me, but we didn't speak. We walked all the way across campus side by side, but never speaking. I think I messed up and lost the only chance I had to talk to him. There is only one more day, one more class period left before the semester is over and he becomes a distant memory.Help Me Please!

thanks for your answers.i guess if I get the chance to talk to him tomorrow...well technically today I will stop being a up(or woman up) and just say gonna say hi...maybe not like that


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  • Well you had all that time and didn't talk to him not even a friendly hi, stop over thinking things and just go with the flow


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  • omg! you should have sooo said something. At least a "how is your leg?" or something! don't let moments like these go to waste. you might not get another chance in the future. but for the next class, go up to him and introduce yourself or something. just start talking.


    • Im just scared he will think I'm crazy of reject me. my friend said I should have said something and that I have to get over it and just talk to him because like I really like him.

    • Dont be afraid to get rejected. its going to happen once in your life, if not more. it happens to everyone! don't be afraid to take risks because of the fear of being rejected. if you dont, you will never know if taking that risk to talk to him was worth it. and if he does reject you, then now you know how he feels atleast. but ofcourse, don't go up to him and ask him out directly outta nowhere. just make some small talk

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