Guys, can a guy be commitment phobic even after dating for 5 yrs?

We have fights on stupid issues he breaks up
We patch up later
He is possessive
Says if he marries it will b me else no one
He is loyal
But wen things annoy him he goes in this no talking mode
His fmly knows about me &is ok
He has financial means to support us
He is not working but intends to in near future
Wen he gets angry I m blocked everywhr
My life goes topsy turvy
Its almost 22 days we havnt spoken
What do I do pls help me
What solution can u'll gimme


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  • You can be in a relationships for years and still have the thought that it isn't going anywhere. Some people are just comfortable in relationships, and uncomfortable when they're alone. If he feels like the relationship is just a whatever type relatonship then there is no real commitment on his end, even after 5 years. If this is true, once things start getting serious he'll back out.

    • Do men really think that after marriage they gonna get caged?
      Their freedom is all gonna go?

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    • Usually women tend to think of settling by 22/23 specially in India

    • There is no age. My friend is 23 and getting married next month, I'm 24 and not close to ready yet. It all depends on the person

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  • Yes, It all depends on the girl he's committing to. I was in a relationship for a long time but have remained single since the breakup because I haven't found a girl I would commit to.

  • The solution is to move on Right now! You don't need a possessive control freak that doesn't know what he wants..

  • Yes, those commitment things are complicated. It can happen.

  • If you are talking marriage maybe. I wouldn't get married without a pre nuptial. Talk to him.

    • He says he isn't ready
      But the fmly I come from by 22/23 girls are married of and I don't wanna marry any one but him
      He isn't toking to me
      Has blocked me everywhr
      Finds faults in the silliest things
      But is possessive about me
      His behavior frightens me
      I can figure out what to do

  • depends on the person.

  • Depends on your definition of commitment.

    • Commitment in terms of settling down
      Getting married

    • Well settling down is fine, but not every man wants to get married. After spending five years wih a girl I would think we would be in a committed relationships without marrying.

    • In a country like India setting down does boil down to getting married

  • Yes he can.

    • Even if he has been the one who wanted the relation in the beginning?

    • I don't know what part of "Yes" was so complicated.

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