Would you give your boyfriend/girlfriend another chance if they cheated?

if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you for a week..but didn't do anything like didn't kiss or have sex or any of that...and you found out yourself would you give them another chance or no?

BUT they was gonna tell you but they didn't know exactly how to tell you...and you just tell them that you know and he/she still wants to be with you because they realized what a big mistake they made...
How about giving your relationship another chance to see where it would go? Take that chance or no?


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  • ur update tippled

    did you mean to do that? or was it an accident? hahha but well to me cheating is cheating no matter what and if I found out on by myself--? I would be more mad

    and even if he was going to tell you --..that is no longer the issue because it has turn into a trust issue... .. ask yourself this : are you going to still trust him after you have forgave him?

    are you going to have that lingering feeling next time? are you going to feel like he' going to cheat? or be unloyal to u?

    i think in a relationship loyalty is one of the key points and if he can't even respect you and be loyal to you then why keep him ? --- and won't the trust bond you have with him start to break or in many ways do you feel like it's not there anymore (even if he did want to tell u)

    • It trippled on it's own because something happened and I had to refresh the page and I saw that it updated more than once. yeah I know but what if you and him been through A LOT and he never kissed her or anything?

    • Do you feel like it's worth giving him a chance? -- To me cheating is cheating whether kiss or not kissing -- to me it's like that guy wanted to date someone else other then me--that shows he's unfaithful in some sense.. .. .or he attempted to be unfaithful.. and it would frighten me because what if he does it again? ... .. But ask yourself do you think he's that worth it? --

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  • If I found out myself, No. Integrity is huge for me and the problem with finding out yourself is that it usually makes the partner feel VERY guilty which means that them apologizing could be simply out of guilt rather than sincerity.

    If I didn't know and she came to me herself and told me, it would be very different.

  • cheated how?

    if I really cared about her and I felt she was genuinely sorry, then I'd give her a second chance...there's no more after that however

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  • No, you have to have enough respect for yourself and show him that your not a doormat. Although I don't completely get your situation, when cheating is involved you don't try again (unless it's a marriage with kids or something.) By him doing that he was showing he doesn't respect you, forget himm. (:


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