Should I leave my boyfriend and move on?

I'm in a bit of a delimma here. My boyfriend and i have been going strong for about 10 months now We have a townhome together and a puppy together and we split all of our bills together. Everything seemed fine until he got laid off from his job for 2 months. I have been supporting him and paying all of our bills on my own. He is in about $900 in debt with me. Its not a big concern for me because love comes before money. However; he got paid today at his new job and i asked him how much he made. He made a rude comment and said "Its none of your business". I replied "You know what my income is, we split our bills, you eventually owe me money back, i feel like i have some sort of right to know your income" after hesitating and arguing he finally admitted he recieved $600 for his first check. I said "Great! im so happy for you! What are bills are we paying first? and can you help me out and pay me some of the money I've been helping you with? i need help with our vet bill for our puppy" he replied "You will get what i give you. I didn't sign any papers saying i owe you any money back, therefor i dont even have to pay you if i dont want to!! I'll give you $50 or so every week until i pay you off if i have to". he was so mean about it and now that he has a job again he thinks he doesn't owe me anything and he is better than me. i have been so selfless and paying for everything of his. He has split personalities. very very sweet and affectionate one moment, but very easily will become aggressive and lash out and yell and cuss at me & insult me and call me names. I really just dont feel like he respects me anymore and it really hurts me that I've been taking care of him for 2 months and he has the nerve to tell me"you will get your money when u get it and however long it takes me to give to you." i replied "shouldnt i be your top priority" he said "no. my car is and my bills. your last." i know bills are first but am i in the wrong? i feel disrespected


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  • Well he's definitely acting like a selfish ass. You should try having another talk with him and bring up your issue about feeling like he doesn't value you and feeling disrespected. If he doesn't care and feels the same as he did before you might want to think about if your life will be better without him.


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  • No, you are not wrong. It might have been the way you went about it. I would try to get something in recording on writing if the implied about paying you back, just in case you two break up in the future. And make sure you get your ducks in the row honey because he seems like he will leave you.


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  • Ouch. That's just mean. If you don't think he'll change, yeah, I'd say it's time for his ship to set sail for somewhere else.


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