Ex has new girlfriend so quickly?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, we was living together, engaged and he brought my son up for 3 years, we had only planned and booked our wedding a week before he left. He left me and I found out I was pregnant and he decided he didn't want the baby. When we first split up he was chatting to loads of girls and commenting on their Facebook pics etc (he didn't leave me for her must of met her along the way), then 3 weeks after we split he has a new girlfriend already she is same age as me and has a son the same age as my son:(. He is so bitter towards me even though I told him I am fine he's moved on he wouldn't sort our joint bills nor would he sort anything to do with our house. I'm so hurt how anyone can move on so quickly.. how can someone just move on that quickly..:(


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  • Why did you guys separate?

    • He said due to stress of money and arguing and me accusing him of cheating, but I did nothing wrong to him, even tried my best when we split to stay civil even though he broke my heart. He's posting on Facebook what he's doing with her etc and it hurts. How he could replace me so quickly

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    • Some people move on really fast and I've had it happen to me. The best way to get back on your feet is to just get back out there and live your life. To me it seems like these type of people feed off of your suffering and only live a flirtatious life because if they dont their emotions will take control. Start working out and have a good time with your kids. You'll find someone that is worth it soon enough.

    • If you'd like you can message me and we can talk more privately unless you are comfortable talking about it openly.

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  • He has to move on. Would it make you feel better if he moped after you and wasted 2 years? It's time


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