Does this have any meaning? Anything to do?

He's my ex now I guess after all this time, but we were like really in love and we felt so good together. And at the time when we met at a party and started going out later, we were both in group homes. He was in an all guys group home part of Olive Crest and I was in an all girls group home. December 2012 we met and 2 weeks later, with talking pretty much every day, we started going out. And I really loved it how I made my record of longest phone call with him. But the group homes started being tough on us and we lost contact. And I've seen him a couple or few times since we dated. And I just sent him a friend request on Facebook and messaged him. I've been finding myself thinking about him often lately and it's always out of nowhere. I don't think I can say that I don't feel anything for him. It has to mean something. And I was having contact with him in October 2013 and we were talking about being together. And he said that he doesn't wanna hurt me again. But he didn't hurt me so I was like what the heck. Help? And while we were dating, my sister said that I wasn't in love and she didn't even know anything at the least. You can't say I don't feel something that I feel.
P. S. I had heard from an ex friend who had him on Facebook that he's Transgendered but that doesn't do anything for me. And I am bi but I don't know if that means anything in this.


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  • Sounds like he's scared of what you might think of him after the time you two have not talked.

    • Is that bad? Should I be saying or doing something? Or should I have already?

    • Tell him how you feel. If it doesn't go any further at least you won't always wonder what could have been.

    • Ok. Thank you

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