I want him back, should we be friends or should I ignore him and be cold? What would work better?

He was the one who ended due to losing interest. We were 2 years together in long distance relationship.

Just don't write things like move on blah blah blah. I just want to know what would work better?


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  • uhhh better to be friend with him


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  • If he doesn't like you anymore and has lost interest, why wouldn't you want to move on?
    You'd rather just hang around waiting on a man that doesn't want you? A man who lives so far away at that.
    Common sense says move on. Unfortunately, everybody is sane and smart til they fall in love.


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  • There's no point in trying to be friends when you already said that you want him back. You will only be hurting yourself. It's best to ignore him and do no contact to help yourself move on


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