Why is walking away from a relationship so hard?

I know that the relationship I'm in is not going to work for the long run. I feel like no matter how he says he's going to change, I can tell that he has doubts this relationship won't work. And because of that I'm having doubts too. I feel like it's time for us to go our separate ways but it's extremely hard to let go. I love him and I wanted to spend my life with him but not everything happens the way they want. Why is it so hard for me to walk away when I know it's for the best? Each time I think today will be the day, I cry the hardest tears. I need help


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  • It's hard for anyone whether it's mutual or not.

    You've spent a great deal of time with this person and even depended on them. It's hard breaking routines as they are comforting. Now you're forced to live life a different way and that adds stress.

    It's very normal to have fears, doubts and even guilt but.. my best advice for you is seek wisdom and consult those who are older have gone through what you are going through.

    A story that always hits me during these times are the ones of 50 year old women who are married to deadbeats and wish they never started a family with this guy but they're stuck because of all the difficulties of divorcing (family, mortgage and years of stress to follow).

    So it will hurt for the first few months but if your gut says "no," do listen to it.. as the months turn into years.. you will reflect and thank yourself everyday that you left.

    However Life is strange... there's a story of a young couple who were together since they're 16... at 24 they called it quits... after 4 years of separation.. they met and dated again and engagement ring was worn 1 month later.

    "what is love? baby don't hurt me"


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  • welcome to my world. i am with someone the same and i love him so much and you hope beyond hope that today is the day he will change or tomorrow you will break up with him but it is always today and never tomorrow.

    I Am finding myself coming closer though all of the time and one day i will just snap and leave.

    • I wish it was so easy.

    • people can only be pushed so far and it becomes a sink or swim thing... you can either drown in misery or swim and get your arse in to gear. you dont feel you have given everything yet that is all... eventually your survival instinct will kick in and you will say 'see ya' and go.

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  • I had an ex lover who finally walked away from me for good two weeks after 9 months of being together and 3 months talking after break up as friends/lovers and he never looked back. he even told me a few days ago he is over me which hurt like hell because he told me he love me more than I love him. he used to text me good morning every morning and good night every night and always ask how my day went. even on his last message he told me all the good things about us that he will miss but he told me too that he will no longer be my emotional punchbag and he is not naive anymore and we will have to go separate ways. but told me to feel free to message him anytime. and that he loves me goodbye. since then he hasn't messaged me until I text him first. now i just realize i fucked up big time. I lost him. he does reply but just to be nice

  • Wow, I feel really bad for your situation. I think u feel this way because you feel this guy has the potential to be everything u want and need but he just doesn't do it. That sucks. Maybe try talking to him and tell him how u feel. If he doesn't wanna change knowing the consequences, then maybe it is best for you both to go your separate ways. Sometimes one door will close so a better one will open. Best of luck.


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