Can someone tell me if I am just being paranoid or if this is strange?

Me and my ex split 5 weeks ago after 3 long years, we was engaged, he brought my son up and loved him, and we had only just booked our wedding. After the break up I found out I was pregnant which he didn't take to we'll and decided he didn't want the baby. 3 weeks after we split I found out he is already seeing someone new. So I decided to just leave him to it, I wished him and her well and have left him to it..
Since I have been getting random friend requests.
One lad added me and I didn't twig on until later on that I recognised him and he knew my ex, he told me he hasn't seen my ex for years yet someone I know told me they now play basketball together, this lad said he wouldn't add me on Facebook as there's people he knows still talk to my ex that might tell him, once I told him who I was and that I know he knows my ex he still carried the conversation on, asking me if I had Skype and all sorts.
Another lad messaged me through Facebook, I have no mutual friends with him and he made out he knew me and had met me while I was with my ex (even though I don't have a clue who he is), he asked me why me and my ex split up, he said my ex is a div and they aren't friends anymore yet I was confused how he knew we split up? If he does not speak to him, I said I don't have a clue who he is and he carried the conversation on, saying I am a pretty girl etc. This must be a set up as we have no mutual friends on Facebook and he would of had to physically search for me on Facebook. .
Am I being spoke to by these guys to find things out for my ex?


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  • Definitely sounds like they are "working" for your ex. Be careful.

    • But he has a new girlfriend and won't have a thing to do with me, why would he care?

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    • Surely he would of pretended to not know my ex? And not straight upfront ask what happened with me and my ex?

    • Everybody is different. Hard to tell how someone will act if you know them. Even harder if you don't.

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  • it is a bit strange.


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  • maybe this guy who messaged u was yerself? that's wot i believe personally

    • @Klaatu51
      yerself? You mean her? She was being her?

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    • Surely he wouldn't of started the conversation by asking what happened with me and my ex surely he would of pretended he didn't know my ex etc?

    • then how da hell he'd know all these stuff? does he have any profile pic?

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