Guys, my ex-boyfriend messaged me on Facebook but hasn't responded?

We were best friends before we dated. I broke up with him five years ago, so we stopped talking. I tried to be his friend again two years later and found out that neither of us hated each other. But he stopped talking to me after a few weeks.

Now, another two years later, he readded me on Facebook last month and then messaged me this week. We talked everyday for a few hours (he started every conversation because he would stop responding the night before). Two days ago, he asked me if I had a "special friend" when I told him I was grabbing lunch with a friend. I told him no. That same night, he stopped responding. But he has made two posts since then.

I'm feeling very upset and used because I realized that I'm not over him. I want to be friends again. My one guy friend said that he wanted to be friends again, too. But why hasn't he responded? Was he playing me when he messaged me? Why message me at all if you're never going to respond?


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  • ok then i'd assume he was thinkin u lied when u said no, since u mentioned u were grabbin lunch wid a friend. or he just went jelly since u were sittin wid another guy around

    so there might b a chance he wants 2 get back 2 u, if my guess is right.


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