What should I do?

well you see i dated this guy for six months, and he's dating a girl who hates me, and she's controlling him telling him who to talk to and who shouldn't he broke up with me in April but flirty with me in may saying he still loves me, still dreams about me it just he doesn't know what to do. but this girl and him started dating in April and its been three months since they been together but my heart won't just move on it keeps telling me he's going to come back. what should i do? and i want my stuff back but he just ignoring me. he said he moved on and stuff and she keeps messaging me on random different numbers if i have no idea why. but yah my friends and i disown him because she yells at everyone.


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  • she's just bossin him it seems. although he still likes u.
    maybe she could b threatin him meanwhile, so that's y... although this is just my guess


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