What is going on with my ex?

My ex broke up with me six weeks ago after saying he'd met another woman after being with me for nearly seven months. Told him not to bother contacting me as I was too upset after bending over backwards for him nearly all summer and then being dumped (by email!) just like that.

We've had no contact since October 30th and I got used to the idea of him having another woman until I found out two weeks later from a mutual friend that he was single again. Now around the middle of last month I noticed he had looked at my profile a few times, and had changed his profile pic twice since looking at mine.

He's now using his best friend (who actually introduced us but I haven't spoken to for nearly seven months as he had been away overseas) as a go-between and obviously is hoping that'll speak to him in the hope that something will get back. I told a white lie to his best friend that I'd was depressed and been signed off work for a little while knowing full well that the fact I was upset would get back to my ex.

Now a few questions...

Is he having seconds thoughts if he's using Baz as a go between?

What's with viewing my profile and changing his pics so often?

Oh and another thing on his profile he mentioned he misses female company.. :-S

Found out from his ex wife that he was seeing a string of women at the same time last year so I was lucky to get away while I did!


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  • do you really want to waste time on a guy that left you for another women and e-mailed you about it?


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  • Yes I would say he's having second thoughts. There are some guys that can't seem to stick with one girl sexually for some reason, and I think that other girl he was with was just that...someone he could be with sexually and that's it. If he says he could see you married, then he obviously has strong feelings for you. But if you truly want a guy to stick with you and only you, you have to be clear. I hate when guys are like this personally. They use every girl in their path to get what they want. Speak up if you want him, but be careful. You don't want to get hurt again. You have to talk to him and let him know what he did wrong.

    • Thank you for answering. So despite me saying don't bother contacting me again, you reckon it'd be a good idea just to ask him what the heck is going on? I don't want to look like I'm the one backing down here, but this whole thing is making me go fruit loops.

    • Yeah I'd say you have a right to ask him. I wouldn't make it an argument or confrontation or anything, but I would ask him what he expects of you and the relationship he wants back. You have to be clear with him, otherwise he may just be trying to use you. At least this is what I think. I also would be going crazy too.

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