Why did my ex boyfriend ask me about my current boyfriend?

So our relationship ended on bad terms. Long story short we ended up blocking one another from social media. We recently texted one another and unblocked ourselves. The thing is when we were talking he texted me this "I find it funny how u broke up with your boyfriend, talked with me, then got back the same day. U got back with him the same day u broke up posting a status about a good boyfriend. Cause that makes perfect sense. You'll prob get back with him tomorrow. What's going on? Why is he bringing this up?


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  • He's either interested in you or interested in hurting you.


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  • I have been in a similar situation before. My ex boyfriend broke up with his new girlfriend, texted me saying things like he loved me and never loved his new girlfriend. Within a few hours I heard through a friend that they were back together. I was heartbroken. So honestly, this is probably what your ex is going through. He probably thought that by talking with him and unblocking him, that you were interested in getting back together with him. Only to turn around and get back with your other boyfriend anyway. I can see why it is confusing to you, but you also have to see it from his perspective. He probably still likes you, and thought you felt the same and liked him again too. Maybe make your intentions more clear towards what you're really wanting from him to avoid conflict. It's not too late to fix in this situation.

    • He broke up with me. After our break up all sort of contact with him was impossible. He was an asshole to me. He said things like " I'm talking to someone else. I don't care about you anymore."

    • He probably changed his mind and wanted you back, and then decided to be nice to you. That normally happens after awhile. And he also probably thought that you liked him too because you were talking to him again--being nice. I think he misunderstood your intentions. If you truly are happy with your current boyfriend, move on from your ex, don't talk to him because it just seems to lead him on. He will move on too.

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  • Cz he thinks u r unsure of whom u want to be with


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