Should I get back with my ex girlfriend?

So for background me and my ex girlfriend broke up about 5 months ago. she broke up with me and she broke my heart. It took me a while to completely get over her but around October she got a boyfriend and that kind of made me forget about her. Well a few weeks ago she got drunk with her friends and texted me while I was sleeping saying how much she doesn't like her new boyfriend and how much she misses me and wants to be with me instead. I didn't really reply to the messages that she sent but she apologized in a text conversation we had later...this happened again this past Saturday but this time she told me she tried to break up with her boyfriend but got nervous and didn't. she again told me how much she likes me...basically what I'm asking is what should I do about this situation? should I get back with her? should I ignore her? forget about her? let her make all the moves?...i just don't know what to do


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  • DO you want her back? if you do then, take her back, but not before you've made it clear to her that you won't put up with that type of sh*t from here again.

    • I still really like her and have feelings for her but I feel like the same thing might happen

    • Yeah, and in there lies the problem. I don't know how to do it, but you have to make sure they understand that you won't accept her doing that again, if she does it's over and no going back.

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  • What's the reason yall broke up? if I were you since you really like her.. I'd just tell her look you did this to yourself, And you just need to think thing through first .. Just don't take her back so easy.. cause that just makes her think ohh I can do this again. ya know?

    • It was kind of complicated why we broke up...she didn't cheat on me or anything but its just kinda of hard to explain...thanks for both of you guys input...i thin when the time is right I'll ask her if we can talk and see how it goes from there

    • Good idea. Just be careful cause if she lefted you for some other guy she never really cared about you..

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  • Don't take her back fast if you do. Establish dominance in this situation. She broke your heart, and NOW she wants you back. You have nothing to lose here...she obviously does since she wants you again. If you like her, correct the mistakes you made and let her know what she did wrong last time too.


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