I dont know what to do, please help me?

some weaks ago ( 2 or 3 ) i did left the girl that i was in love with her, when i was with her i had feel that i never had before, but she said i am just friend for her, and she just want me as friend, and when she started talking to others getting close to other guys its kind of broken my heart so i left her, i was so hurt so bad, and now after some weaks i kind of feel like maybe it wasn't right thing to do, like everything remind me of her, we were so close , and she was kind of my best friend too its just i dont know if idid right thing and i know it was right but , its hurt , i just think maybe it wasn't right , i enever ever wanted to lost her , she has or better to say she had so mean to me. i really really loves her, i know in head thnking from head , its say i did right thing but still my heart think to her and her words her act and everything just come in my mind and i really really miss her, i dont know what to do anymore, i confused


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  • you need to move on.

    • mean i stop thinking to her? do you think maybe i should call back to her?

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