Girls, does my ex still want to be with me?

I've been with this girl a little over a year. We are great together when everything is good, but as soon as anything negative happens it always esculates into drama.

Recently after returning from vacation (where she gave me a promise ring) we started to have more frequent fights. I think i was self sabatoging as I always kept bringing up negative instead of trying to look at the good.

Anyway, as we continued to argue, she started to question the relationship and her ex had started texting her, and on his birthday they had contact. he's a terrible guy (lives with mother, on probabtion, broke etc.) but she was with him for 6 years prior to me. He still continues to pursue her even tho she really wants nothing to do with him. After her interaction, she started bringing up being alone because she didn't want to hurt me (I was really upset about this). I lied and said i forgave her, and tried to cling to work it out, but i kept brining it up and causing drama. Finally Sunday we had a nasty fight and she said it was over.

I didn't talk to her for a few days, then called her Wednesday. We talked a little. She said she knew she was wrong, and had realized she didn't want her ex at all since he still had nothing going for him.

I didn't bring up our relationship. Just apologized for the drama. She said she knows I am a great guy but right now being alone is less stress on her. We talked yesterday and today. Today i was upset because i still want to be with her, but she still doesn't want a commitment. She says give it time.

She answers when i call. She doesn't initiate the contact (she said i will throw it in her face if she does.) Plus she is super prideful. She agreed to hang out with me tommorrow (lunch at park and some schoolwork). Partially was her idea.

Does she still care? If i play it cool and not cause drama will she come around? Is there a chance this relationship works again? Or is she trying to have cake and eat it too?


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  • I would go no contact for 30 days. It seems there is something there but for your own sanity and health I would take this time for myself. I know easier said than done but if she isn't texting you telling you a monogamous relationship is what she wants from you, continue no contact.

    • I get the no contact and your right its like back and fourth, but trust me i knew this girl for a long time no contact makes her resentful. And she is the one now trying to hang out with me but ya maybe if i truly go away she will realize what she lost... NC is hard as hell in beginning esspically when she throws stuff up on facebook she lonely or feeling upset

  • She wants some space to work out her issues. Give that to her


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