I dont know what to do anymore? please help me this is important to me?

some weaks ago about 3 i left the girl that i was in love with her, when i was with her i had the feel that i never had before in my life, and i dtold her but she said i am just friend for her, and she just want me just as friend, and when she started talking to others guys getting close to them its broken my heart so i left her, because it was so hurt so bad, and now after some weaks i feel like maybe it wasn't right work to do, like everything reminds me of her, we were so close , and she was kind of my best friend too its just i dont know if idid right thing and i know it was right but still , its hurt , i just think maybe it wasn't right , i never ever wanted to lost her , she had so mean to me. i really really loves her, i know thinking from head sayit was right thing to do but my heart say it wasn't, and sometimes we should liste our heart even when they are wrong, i am just so confuse and i dont know what to do anymore so please help me , i do remember her words her act and everything all times and i really really miss her, so much so plase help me this is important to me thanks


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  • It's time to move on brother... First thing you need to do is put your mind into other matters, take up a new hobby, burn off your energy, exercise, running jogging weight lifting... You have to start redirecting your thoughts... start reading, plenty of self-help books out there as well... You may not see it like this now but she is one drop of water in an endless sea.
    I wouldn't advise going back to her as a friend, what you need to do is get your mind off of her completely... you are past the point of being friends with her, friends are not going to be jealous of her talking to other guys, and you will be.
    Quit playing the endless loop recording in your mind... chalk it up as experience and know that you will have plenty more experiences in your future both good and bad... Embrace the good and let go of the bad, it won't benefit you to embrace the bad.

    • i just feel i never ever meet someone like her again...

    • I know bro... I know

    • Truth is... Your going to do better than her... Watch

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  • If you miss her that much go back to her, but only as a friend. If you feel you can't just be her friend and can't get over the feelings, stay away.


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  • if she doesn't see you like that mate there's nothing you can do about it recommend listening to dry your eyes mate by the streets and sucking it up, you will find a woman one day who really appreciates your feelings for her dont look to me like she was the right one mate :(


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