"Breaking up" wit my friends with benefits, how do I go about it?

I've asked him to meet me the same place we always do.
I wrote him a letter because I'm not sure I would be able to get my point across eloquently if I speak to him.

It pretty much sayd that I feel he's not attracted to me and that our sex is meaningless and that no matter how hard I try, he wants nothing other than a friends with benefits relationship and that I no longer want that.

Should I just give him the letter and say goodbye or sit there as he reads it or read it to him?
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  • Give him the letter and stay until he reads it
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  • Read it to him
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  • Do it another way
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Most Helpful Guy

  • friends with benefits never works out well its messy thing to get into, and usually one of you ( the female in most cases) develops deeper feelings, and if he isn't feeling the same you're only gonna get hurt like i hurt my friend.. just get out of it now and find a guy who actually wants to be with you not just play with your body


Most Helpful Girl

  • I First Voted for "Do it another way" but face to face doesn't seem to be something you can do so I now say You Should... Mail this letter and just call it a day because when "Dear John" reads it, I am sure He... Will have nothing to say.
    Why stick around and watch him get all tongue tied and embarrassed and just be part of an Awkward moment? I can see it now in my own head and believe me, it won't be a Kodak moment.
    Good luck and believe me, you are doing the right thing. xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • You don't break up with a friends with benefits. Breaking up is reserved for your SO, so you don't really owe him an explanation. It's as simple as " I'm not interested in having sex with you anymore"

  • give it 2 him and leave if u feel very nervous. otherwise stay. :)


What Girls Said 3

  • Unless you really feel the need to offload I'd just text him and block. You can spill as many emotions as you want but if he doesn't have any it's worthless.

  • I choose C. Then after your done reading it, give it to him, turn tail and leave. It he wants you I'm sure he knows how to find you

  • Do nothing
    He's not your boyfriend you owe him nothing
    When he ask you for sex Just say you do not want to have sex with anymore and if he keeps texting you for a booty call ignore him
    You can't end something that you never had to begin with so do not feel bad anoiy how to end it


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