Is my ex new girl a rebound?

I met this guy we started to hook up, he wanted a relationship with me and i always said no. I didn't want one, he knew we were just about sex, although i had feelings for him I was scared that he would eventually hurt me so i refused to be his girl. We were hooking up for 5 months straight, and throughout then he would beg a relationship, one day we had a fight at the bar and things got really bad, i told him i didn't want to talk to him ever again. The next day i found out he slept with a girl that works with us right after we called it quits. He blocked me of every socialmedia site because i didn't open his messages, after that he asked the girl he was with to go to the bar with him and she said no then he went to me and ask if i would want to hang out i said no way. A month has gone by and i had to get used to seeing them together, he told me he is in a open relationship. He is always touching me at work and i tell him to back off. he doesn't respect the fact that he now has a girlfriend. last week i went out to the bar with a mutual friend of ours and also happens he was invited, he brought a long his girl he then ask me to play pool with him and i said no. his girlfriend grabbed my hand started dancing with me on the dance floor so everyone join in, he started to dance close to me and laugh with me. then we went outside and i just said to my friend i wanted to dance to another song, and instead my ex wanted to dance with me, and his girl said why can't she dance with him and he said no he wants to dance with me. i said its not a good idea. he started to drink a few beers and accidentaly called his girl by my name and then apologize. we were all outside and he started to block me from leaving the bar and got in my face and asked me if i was gonna have sex with the guy im with and no one can sex me like he did, i said please get out of my way but he then grabbed my face and tried to kiss me on front of his girlfriend. i blocked him from kissing me, whats his deal?


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  • Why does it matter what his deal is? As long as you care about what he is thinking or feeling, you are still involved with him.

  • I don't know.


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