Am I the only one who can't move on?

My ex and I have broken up October last year due to long distance and we stopped talking to each other March this year because we realized we kept falling back for each other.

I don't know if he has been seeing anyone new on his side but I've tried to go out with other people and even slept with one new guy (never got into any official relationships though, can't get the vibe proper).

It's a strange feeling how I have gone out with new people yet I can't forget about my ex. Am I the only one who couldn't move on after so long?


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  • It's always there in the back of your mind... Until you meet the next person that makes you go WOW !! And gets you excited.
    It's a numbers game, all you can really do is keep putting yourself out there, learn from past relationships and gain experience...
    The next amazing person is out there, waiting to be found

    • I did - like I said I did put myself out there and have gone out with some guys and slept with one hot Spanish guy (not proud to have done this, but just making a point here). It's so difficult and complicated, these guys are wonderful, but they just don't connect with me like how my ex did.

    • Each day, it's easier than the last... you'll get there... we all do

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  • It's always hard to move on... there's a history so it feels comfortable, and you say you split because of distance? Do you think you could be together again some time soon in the future? If its a definite no... then yes... you need to close that door and open a new one... for your own sanity. :))

    • That's what he says :( We will definitely be worlds apart for at least 2 years. I don't know if we can, probably a much bigger effort is needed to close the distance.

      It's strange really, like, the new guys are all pretty great guys, but I just subconsciously keep going back to him in my mind :/ Sigh..

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    • As far as I remember, he wasn't willing to be monogamous for this long :(

      Maybe I should just stop thinking about it, but I just can't help it on some days.

    • well, would you move? to him? if not... two years is along time not to go without... either of you can't be expected to remain monogamous... I hope you have real good friends when you are feeling down to talk to... emotions go in waves.. . so just ride the real bad ones and when you are on a high... you will know how good it feels... :))

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  • Nope. It took me years to get over one of my (well, admittedly close) exs. I'm not sure that wound will ever fully heal. But I've gotten past it. You will, too.

    • Thanks.

      I just feel a little weird, sometimes I wake up in the morning with tears in my eyes thinking about him. I'm just really not sure why I'm like this :( Hopefully it gets better in time.

    • It will. Every day, you'll get a little better. It's a process. Give it it's due time and it'll work. You'll be fine. :)

    • Cheers mate

  • Yeah, probably.


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  • Some people take a long long time to forget. But having no contact will help and in time you will forget how heartbroken you feel. Just take one day at a time and don't forget to remember all the shitty parts instead of daydreaming about all the lovely bits. There's a reason you broke up, whatever it is, and there's a reason you're not back together.

    • Well, apparently, the reason would've been distance..

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