Me & my boyfriend of 8 years broke up today, how can I cope with this?

We both just decided we weren't happy anymore together. I feel like its mainly my fault because I just became a bitch from frustration of us not really going anywhere & us arguing all the time. Anyways we have 2 kids together & live together, so I don't know how its all going to work because of that. I feel like shit. I've been crying all night. there's so many things I need to change about myself that I get from my dad & I hate it. Are there any books I can read to help me through this? I wanted to marry this man. I love him so much.


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  • Oh, I'm so sorry for what happened. I really am. I'm sure there's lots of books, but if you want to just talk, I'll talk with you.


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  • I think a break was needed. That spark isn't there anymore. It might be best if you guys weren't together for a while and down the road if you guys want to work it out again then go for it. Just read a lot of books about break up/ divorce advice and experience


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  • Look after urself for the sake of your children
    If u are gonna b so broken what are they gonna learn from u?
    Be strong at least for ur beautiful kids.
    What is their fault
    Seeing u like this they are gonna get sad and since they are so young what do they know how to deal with all this?
    Is ur love for the man more or ur kids?

  • well if you wanted to marry him then why did you think the relationship was going no where?


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